January 16, 2019

12 Ways to Empower Yourself This New Year

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What are your plans for this year? Have you made resolutions? Are you hoping to do something fabulous for yourself? Or maybe you might even squeeze in a little extra fun by scheduling your boudoir session

Do you believe you can do it?

If you struggle to believe in yourself, or if you need that extra boost to help you empower yourself and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible, try these 12 strategies for empowering yourself in the coming year.

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer 1. Set a Big Goal and Break It Down

Do you have big, lofty goals for yourself—the kinds of goals that make people look at you and say, “Oh, that can’t be done?” This year, don’t let that stand in your way! Instead, set those big goals, whether you want to write a book, achieve an incredible promotion, or run your first marathon. Then, break them down.

What does your goal look like if you break it down over the course of the year?

What do you need to accomplish every day to move you closer to your goal?

Every time you check off one of those small milestones, you’ll feel a little bit more powerful and a little bit more capable—and before you know it, you’ll have achieved that thing they told you was impossible.

2. Knock an Item Off Your Bucket List

What items are on your bucket list? Do you want to take a big trip, whether it’s a cruise or a certain area of the country you’d love to see? Have you always wanted to go for a challenging, multi-day hike in the mountains? Do you want to tackle a triathlon? Whatever it is that you’ve been letting languish in the world of “someday,” this year, commit to tackling one goal. Set aside the money, the time, or the resources to make it happen—and then go for it! You might just set a pattern that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer 3. Tackle Something You’re Afraid Of

Everyone has something they fear, whether it’s public speaking, writing a blog post, or approaching your boss for a raise. Maybe you’re afraid of having your picture taken or of diving in and scheduling that boudoir session you’ve always wanted.

What are you afraid of?

How have those fears held you back?

If you want to feel incredibly empowered, face one of those fears. Chances are, the consequences won’t be as bad as you expected, and the reward might be even more worth it!

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer 4. Learn to Say No

“Hey, can you…”

“You know, you could…”

“I need you to…”

Do you feel as though everyone in your life wants something from you—often more than you want to give? There’s one key word that will make you feel incredibly empowered: “No.”

This year, commit to saying no to one thing each month that you don’t really want to do. Turn down engagements you don’t want to attend or projects you don’t want to take on. You’ll find that simply saying no makes you feel more in control of yourself and your life, which can be incredibly empowering.

5. Figure Out How to Cook Something IncredibleBest Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

Have you always wanted to learn how to bake and decorate an incredible cake? What about the perfect dinner for two, served in the privacy of your own home? Whether you need to take a class or you’re able to figure it out watching YouTube videos, figure out how to cook one incredible meal—complete with dessert. You’ll find that simply placing it on the table is a fantastic display of your own inner power—especially when your loved ones dive in and offer you praise for your efforts.

6. Learn How to Defend Yourself

Every woman should have a basic knowledge of self-defense. While you don’t have to commit to years in a martial arts class, take a basic seminar. You’ll love the empowered feeling that comes from knowing that no matter where you go, you know how to protect yourself, your kids, and the people you’re with.

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

7. Have a Makeover

Do you struggle to handle fancy makeup?

Do you want to try something different with your everyday makeup, but not really know where to start?

Go in and have a makeover! Work with the people at the makeup counter in your favorite department store to put together a great new look for you. Then, go out and work it! You’ll fall in love with

this incredibly beautiful, sexy version of yourself; and during the makeover process, you’ll get a better look at how other people see you, which can be an incredible confidence boost. (Hint: we’ll do an incredible job on your makeup before your boudoir session, so you can knock off two of these items in one!)

8. Check Out Your Eating Habits

Okay, it’s a New Year’s cliché; but have you really thought recently about how the food you eat impacts the rest of your life? When you eat junk food, you’ll feel sluggish, uncomfortable, and less prepared to take on many of the challenges in front of you. A healthy diet, on the other hand, will be more likely to leave you feeling energized and ready to deal with anything.

9. Create a Killer Exercise Routine

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

You don’t have to live in the gym or be a confirmed fitness junkie. You’ll find, however, that simply getting moving and increasing your strength and capability can do a lot for your body. Create a killer exercise routine that you fall in love with. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing, then track your progress this year!

10. Schedule a Boudoir SessionBest Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

There’s nothing quite like a boudoir shoot to unlock a woman’s inner power. It’s not just about pampering yourself, looking your best, and taking a few pictures. During your boudoir session, you’ll be encouraged to unlock that sexy inner power that is uniquely yours. Then, you’ll carry that confidence into the rest of your life.

11. Commit to Being Positive

Stand in front of your mirror. Do you immediately zoom in on your flaws, or are you able to see the great things about yourself that others see when they look at you? Say something nice about yourself. Commit to it. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. You’ll find that the more positive you are, the more powerful and capable you feel—like you could take on the world!

12. Build Others Up

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

Do you frequently fall into the temptation to tear others down—especially other women? As women, we often struggle with the need to be better: stronger, prettier, more capable…the list goes on. Instead of letting yourself tear others down, however, practice building them up. Compliment your friends. Compliment women on the street. Help people, instead of hindering them. You’ll find that freeing yourself from jealousy is one of the most empowering things you can do—and it might just help you see more of the good in yourself, too.

Are you ready to do something incredible this year? If you want to feel incredibly empowered and confident in 2019, why not start by scheduling a boudoir session? Whether it’s an item on your bucket list, something you’re afraid of, or just a great chance to get in touch with your own inner power, I’ll be here to help you through the process.


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