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January 17, 2019

9 Fabulous Ideas for Your Valentine’s Boudoir Shoot

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Ah, Valentine’s Day: whether you’re single or firmly attached, it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace your inner vixen through a fantastic boudoir session. There’s something incredibly freeing about seeing yourself at your sexy best—and I’d love to help you embrace it! With these 9 fabulous ideas, you’ll be able to create a Valentine’s boudoir session that is uniquely your own.

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer 1. Break Out Your Favorite Lingerie

Do you have a favorite set of lingerie—one that never fails to bring a smile to your partner’s face? Consider how you can set the stage for your boudoir session with those sexy items. How do they make you feel? What great memories do you have of wearing those items? Whether you’re remembering partners past or thinking back on your favorite moments with your current partner, your favorite lingerie is a great starting point for a fantastic boudoir session.

2. Embrace Your Relationship Status

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? Embrace it in your boudoir session! Pose with a glass of wine or some chocolate. Showcase your body spread out across that big bed all by yourself with your favorite book or other leisure item. You don’t need a man in your life to feel sexy and empowered—and when you embrace that feeling, you’ll find that you look even better.

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

3. Wear a Man’s Shirt

If you have someone special in your life, you might want to steal a shirt out of his closet for your shoot—or raid your “former boyfriend” collection for an old favorite. There’s something incredibly sexy about a man’s shirt with lingerie just peeking out underneath, especially when you play it up with fantastic poses and your innate confidence.

4. Make It Your Own

You don’t have to do a boudoir shoot with lingerie alone. In fact, your favorite tennis shoes, your favorite athletic gear, or even your favorite gun can all add a note of sexy intensity to your shoot. Break out your favorite props and your best sultry smile. Talk with me about your hobbies and the things that make you sparkle. You’ll be more likely to fall in love with your images when they reflect the inner you!

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer 5. Break Out the Roses

Valentine’s Day often leaves you surrounded by flowers. For your boudoir session, why not buy a few for yourself? Rose petals on the bed can be incredibly sexy, while holding a rose—or even a bouquet—in your hands is the perfect way to bring in some of the romance of the holiday. For your boudoir shoot, bring in the flowers! You’ll love the way you feel when you’re surrounded by your favorite scents.

Not a rose girl? There are plenty of flowers that can bring a romantic note to your boudoir session. Talk with your photographer about how you might want to integrate flowers into your perfect boudoir shoot as well as what flowers you’d like to use.

6. Enjoy the ChocolateBest Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

You might not want chocolate swirled all over the place in your boudoir session, but taking a bite of a chocolate-covered strawberry or posing with a box of your favorite chocolates can help add an element of seductive fun to your boudoir shoot. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all: the perfect time to break out the chocolate. Let yourself enjoy it! For this one day, don’t worry about counting calories. Instead, simply enjoy the full experience.

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer 7. Go Lingerie Shopping Like You Never Have Before

Let’s face it: we all have pieces of lingerie that we’ve been afraid to try out, not because we don’t like them, but because we’re afraid of how they’ll look on us.

For your Valentine’s boudoir shoot, let go of the fear!

Try on something new. Try out something that you’ve never tried before. Order lingerie that you’ve always thought was for “other women,” not for you—in spite of the fact that it piques your interest.

Your boudoir session is a great chance to learn more about exactly who you are and what makes you look your sexy best—and you may find that “forbidden” piece of lingerie looks better than you think.

8. Use Valentine’s Colors

Lingerie comes in every color of the rainbow—but this Valentine’s Day, take a look at how Valentine’s colors can help impact your shoot. Black is traditional; black and red helps ramp up your seductive power, while a hint of pink can help add an element of romance and sweetness to your boudoir shoot. You don’t have to do your entire shoot in Valentine’s colors, but a few seductive images with that extra romantic touch can help set the tone for your shoot. You might also want red and pink accents to help highlight the best parts of your shoot, from the sheets to the accessories you use.

9. Hint at a Gift to Come

Best Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

Are you using your boudoir shoot as part of your partner’s Valentine’s gift this year?

Do you have another gift that goes along with it?

Bring a piece of that gift along with you—or bring the entire gift. Use your boudoir session to hint at what they’ve yet to receive. While the images you’ll get from your shoot are certainly gift enough in their own right, you might want to add a little something extra to your loved one’s gift this year—and your shoot is a great chance to show it off in a way that they’ll remember every time they look at that gift.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and romance—and through your boudoir shoot, you’ll be able to fall in love with yourself as never before. Contact me today to learn more about the incredible packages I’m offering this Valentine’s Day or to schedule an appointment for your boudoir session. Let’s make incredible memories this Valentine’s Day that you’ll love looking back on and sharing with your partner for the rest of your life.

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