9 Myths About Boudoir Photography You Shouldn’t Believe

November 30, 2018

9 Myths About Boudoir Photography You Shouldn’t Believe

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There are a lot of myths surrounding boudoir photography, from the idea that you have to be in a certain stage of your life to the concept that only women who are married should schedule boudoir session. Many people allow those myths to scare them away from scheduling a boudoir session—and that can mean missing out on an amazing opportunity. Before you discount the possibility that a boudoir session is right for you, make sure you’ve challenged these myths to get a better picture of what a boudoir session is really like.

1. You have to be a model to get beautiful pictures from your boudoir session

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All too many people believe that in order to get beautiful, sexy shots from a boudoir session, you must be physically perfect. If you have stretch marks, scars, or blemishes, you shouldn’t bother with a boudoir session. Worse is the idea that if you’re too old (wrinkles!) or too heavy (rolls!), you won’t get the gorgeous pictures you’re imagining.

Here’s the reality: You are beautiful. Say that to yourself, looking in the mirror. Make yourself believe it. Big or small, old or young, scars and stretch marks or clear, perfect skin: you are beautiful exactly as you are. Some women like for me to edit out some of their flaws once the session is over. In many cases, however, you’ll find that boudoir photography has the potential to help you unlock a better understanding of your own inner beauty and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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Boudoir let’s you wear your confidence.


2. I’ll have to get naked in front of strangers!

Most boudoir session aren’t about getting naked. Instead, you’ll wear carefully-chosen lingerie or another outfit that suits you and your personality. In many cases, an artfully draped sheet or blanket or a careful turn of an arm can help hide parts of your body that you don’t want to have captured on camera.

If that’s not enough, then keep in mind that by the time we start our shoot, we probably won’t feel like strangers anymore. We’ll get to know each other over a glass or two of wine while your hair and makeup is done for the session. Spur out some gossip and jokes. But best of all, we’ll have tons of fun together. Often, we’ll develop a special connection during the session that will make it easier for you to show off everything that makes you beautiful!

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3. Boudoir photography is only for women with someone special in their lives.

Sure, one of the great things about a boudoir photo session is being able to share those pictures with someone special and add a little spice to your relationship—but that’s certainly not the only reason to have a boudoir photo session.

In fact, boudoir photo sessions are the perfect way to help build your confidence and celebrate your beauty regardless of whether or not there’s someone special in your life. Have a boudoir session for you-you’ll be sure to appreciate the results.

4. I’ll never use my boudoir pictures.

Many people struggle with figuring out when they’ll ever “use” their boudoir session. Some of my clients have their photos displayed on the walls (especially in the bedroom, which is a more intimate setting). Others pull out their photo albums on a regular basis to use them as a confidence boost. Texting digital copies of those photos to your significant other can be a great way to build anticipation and create some spice. There are plenty of private uses for your boudoir photos—and when you fall in love with those images of you, you’ll be more likely to use them on a regular basis!

5. My pictures will end up posted online.

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Many of today’s photographers choose to post their pictures online for clients to view. They might use special images as advertisements that will help attract others to their business, or they might post a gallery where anyone can see it. The last thing you want is for future employers or individuals that you interact with in your professional life to see those pictures!

Don’t worry. Your boudoir photos will only go online if you want them to. In order for me to use them on my website, you’ll have to sign a waiver giving me permission, and I’ll never share your images without your permission.

6. I’m too shy for a boudoir session.

Many women mistakenly believe that boudoir photography is only for women who are confident in their own skin. If you’re shy, it couldn’t possibly be for you, right?

Actually, I’ve photographed plenty of women who were a little shy and uncomfortable when the session began. We’ll build a rapport, talk together, and find poses that make you comfortable. I often pose by modeling the positions I want you to use. You’ll grow more comfortable as the session continues—and we’ll get some great pictures no matter how shy you usually are!

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A boudoir session is a great gift for your special someone.

7. I have to buy expensive new lingerie for the session.

While boudoir session often involve skimpy lingerie, that’s not the only thing you can wear for your session! I have plenty of outfits that you can borrow for your session (all of which are carefully cleaned between clients). You can also choose to wear something that’s comfortable for you! I’ve done boudoir sessions for women wearing men’s shirts, shoots for women wearing their favorite outfits, and more. Your boudoir session is all about you! Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Of course, if you want to use your boudoir session as an excuse to go lingerie shopping, go for it! I’ll help you choose an outfit that’s perfect for you.

8. I can’t afford a boudoir session.

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There are boudoir sessions available in many different price ranges. I’d like to make boudoir sessions accessible to any woman who wants one.

It’s an incredible confidence boost and an empowering experience—and I want to make that available to you!

We’ll work to find a package that fits your finances or to help you save up for your boudoir session over time. I want to help you make this happen.

You may be surprised by just how easily you can afford the photo shoot of your dreams.

9. I should wait to be sure.

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Rediscover yourself with a boudoir shoot.

You’ll always have an excuse for putting off your boudoir session, especially if you’re a little bit nervous about whether or not this is right for you. Don’t wait! If you’re thinking about scheduling a boudoir session, go ahead and dive in. Take a look through my gallery. Learn more about what a boudoir session will be like through my blog. Contact me and ask any questions you might have about a shoot. If you think that a boudoir session will be a great experience for you, it probably will be—and it’s an experience that’s well worth it.

Now that the myths are dispelled, you know more about what a boudoir session is really like. Are you ready to get started? Fill out my contact form, and I’ll be in touch. I can’t wait to work with you to create the photo session of your dreams.




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