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November 30, 2018

Boudoir is For You… Here’s 11 Reasons Why

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You’ve done your research, and you’ve heard a lot about how much fun a boudoir session can be. Unfortunately, you’re still convinced that boudoir sessions are for other people. Have you been putting off your boudoir session, convinced that it’s for “someone else” instead of for you? Check out these 11 reasons why a boudoir session might just be for you after all.

1. You are beautiful.Jacksonville boudoir

Yes, you. You, exactly as you are now. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or have plenty of curves. You are beautiful! Every woman has her own unique beauty, and you want to celebrate yours. Throughout your boudoir session, you’ll learn things about your beauty that you’ve never considered before—and you’ll be able to fully enjoy it.


2. You should capture who you are right now.

“Oh, I’ll schedule my boudoir session when I lose 10 pounds.” “I just need to tone up my thighs a little bit—that’s way too much jiggle!” “I’m a little bit too old for a boudoir session. I should have done it when I was younger.” You’ll always be able to make excuses for why you can’t manage a boudoir session. If you set those excuses aside, however, you’ll discover that it’s well worth it to capture exactly who you are right now! Don’t wait until you’ve reached some elusive version of perfection. Instead, celebrate you as you are, in this stage of your life. Celebrate your stretch marks, your scars, your lumps. Who you are is beautiful and sexy!

Jacksonville boudoir

3. You are worth it.

At your boudoir session, you’ll be pampered in ways that you might never have experienced before. You’ll get to have your hair and makeup done while you sip a glass of wine, lean back, and enjoy the efforts. Then, you’ll be able to step in front of the camera, where all eyes will be on you. We’ll help put you at ease, celebrate what makes you special, and enjoy our session together. That’s not just for “someone else.”

                                                                   It’s for you—and you are worth it!

4. You’re in love.

Jacksonville boudoir

Your boudoir session is a great way to share something special with someone you love. It’s an amazing wedding gift to your new spouse or the perfect way to feel close even when your spouse has to go away on deployment or on a business trip. 

Not only that, it’s a great way to simply spice things up. Looking at those pictures and considering some unique poses that you can try out together based on those shots can help break you out of a rut or help you feel closer than ever.

5. You’re celebrating.

It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating: a milestone birthday, perhaps? A big (or small) anniversary with the one you love most? Maybe even a wedding? Why not celebrate with a boudoir session? Whether you’re on your own or celebrating with a loved one, you’ll find that a boudoir session brings an extra something special to your special day. You’ll leave feeling more excited than ever before about your big day—and you’ll get to keep celebrating long after the day itself as you look back through your pictures and remember how it felt to be in front of the camera.

6. You’re single.

Jacksonville boudoir photographer

Boudoir is a great way to show your off your femininity.

Think those boudoir sessions are just for someone in a relationship? Think again! Your boudoir session is a great opportunity to celebrate you! A boudoir session isn’t just about giving a gift to someone else. It’s about giving a gift to yourself that you’ll never forget. Take the time out of your busy schedule to focus on you. Learn more about what increases your confidence and what makes you feel beautiful. You’ll be stunned by the results.

7. You deserve the confidence boost.

There’s something about a boudoir shoot that has a way of boosting confidence in every woman who gets to have one. As you pose, smile, and focus on you, you’ll feel your confidence increasing. That confidence doesn’t just show up in the bedroom, though having a boudoir photo shoot is a great way to feel more comfortable in your own skin. It will show up in your everyday life, giving you that extra something special as you walk into any room, get that promotion, or simply deal with the people around you.

8. You need an excuse to go lingerie shopping.

Are you making do with the same old underwear that’s been in your drawer for years? Do sagging elastics or a poor fit make you embarrassed to show off your underwear? It’s definitely time for a change—and when you put a boudoir session on your schedule, you won’t be able to convince yourself to put off that lingerie shopping trip anymore. 

Jacksonville boudoir photographer

A boudoir session is for anyone and everyone.

Not only that, you’ll learn how to lingerie shop with increased confidence as I provide you with guidance about how to choose lingerie that you’ll love: lingerie that fits your body type and makes you feel sexy just as you are!

9. You’ll get amazing memories.

You love looking back on old pictures of the people you love most. If you’ve ever caught yourself criticizing yourself and the way you look in those pictures, it’s time for a boudoir session: the perfect opportunity to make memories of yourself that you’ll love. Years from now, you’ll love looking back on your boudoir shoot and seeing how stunningly beautiful you were on that                                                                                                                                 special day.

10. You’ll feel like a celebrity

Modeling for the camera will make you feel like all eyes are on you—and for those hours, they will be! Having a boudoir session is an incredibly empowering experience that will unlock something unexpected inside you. 

Jacksonville boudoir

You’ll come out of it glowing, with a better understanding of your own beauty. You’ll look your best after having your hair and makeup done for you. It’s all the fun of being a celebrity—well, except for the paycheck—without the hassle of paparazzi following you around every day! If you’ve always wanted to be a model, a boudoir shoot is a great way to get a feel for exactly what it would have been like.


11. It’s fun.

Is a boudoir session right for you? The simple answer is, yes, of course! It’s empowering; it will build your confidence; it gives you an excuse to go shopping and to celebrate something special. Most importantly, however, a boudoir session is fun! You’ll have the experience of a lifetime as you make the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime. What could be better?

Jacksonville boudoir

If you’ve been on the fence about scheduling a boudoir photo session, it’s time to get off the fence and dive in! Fill out my contact form today so that we can get to know each other and I can get a better idea of what you want out of your boudoir shoot. We’ll schedule your session, provide you with the materials you need to start shopping and find the perfect lingerie for your shoot and start building anticipation so that when the big day comes, it’s the cherry on top of the experience.



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