April 24, 2019

Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions

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Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose American Vixen Boudoir?

There are several boudoir photographers in our market, with different levels of experience, talent and price points. Its important when choosing a boudoir photographer to find one whose style matches what you’re looking for. But also, I believe clients choose American Vixen Boudoir because:

  • My photography studio has worked with many clients in the years I been in Jacksonville. I have worked with clients of every size, shape and age. I’ve spent hours perfecting posing technique, angles and light. I also pride myself on my ability to make clients feel comfortable in front of the camera.
  • I use incredibly talented Hair and Makeup Artist right in my studio so you look your very best and have a great time getting pampered before your session!
  • I own studio where American Vixen Boudoir resides and the space is dedicated completely to my clients with a variety of sets in different rooms.
  • Still need some convincing? Read to what past clients have to say here on our testimonial page.
Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my session?
I recommend that women have their shoot date scheduled for about 2 months prior to needing the finished product in-hand. I tend to book up very quickly and at least a couple of months in advance. I suggest reaching out to me as early as possible. It’s never to early to get on my schedule!

For instance, if you want items available as Valentines Day gifts, I recommend your photoshoot taking place in November or December!

Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions

Are makeup and hair included?

Every session includes full makeup and hair styling. Getting your makeup and hair done sets the tone for your boudoir session. It gives you time to relax, get to know me better and feel pampered.

But more importantly, having a professional do your makeup means they know how to do camera-ready makeup that will truly make you feel and look boudoir ready!

Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find some ideas for clothing?

I suggest checking out our Gallery to get inspiration from beauties I’ve already photographed. There are women featured in everything from cozy sweaters, to BDSM clothing, to matching lingerie pieces. Whatever you’re style, you will probably find it!

Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t know any poses or how to pose for that matter!

Great! Because, it’s not your job to know them. It’s mine! During our photoshoot I’ll guide you through every pose and angle. From your facial expression to hand placement there is nothing left for you to wonder about!

Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions

When and how will I select my favorite images from my photoshoot?
American Vixen studio is proud to offer in-person photo reveal and ordering appointments.

We do this for a number of reasons. First, for your convenience. It’s much easier to make your selections when you have a professional guiding you through the process of selecting art or how images fit together in an album.

Because we do show a number of killer images, it can be overwhelming to navigate on your own and we don’t want our customer service to stop at the photo shoot.

Selfishly, it’s also one of my favorite parts of the whole process! I love to see the look on your face when you see your images for the first time. I love when a woman gets to see herself as the beautiful, sensual being she is! It’s wonderful to see which images get chosen as your favorites and selected for your wall art or album.

What Products Do You Recommend?
In the years of my experience with boudoir photography, there are a couple of products that prove to be top sellers. One of the most popular (for women and men!) is photo album of all your favorite images. Recently, wall art has been incredibly popular. My clients love to display the photos on the walls of their bedroom.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day they book their session and can extend until the week prior to their session. We also provide our clients with Bonuses valued at up to $600 if they Pre-Purchase a Collection. Should you decline to set up a payment plan or pre-purchase a collection, you will simply come to your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment following your Boudoir Session and pay in full for your purchase.

Boudoir Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not comfortable sharing my images online. Is that required to work with American Vixen Boudoir?

Sessions are 100% private and images are NEVER shared anywhere without your permission. There’s NO requirement to share images in order to book a session.

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